It helps to follow the first principles of interpretation

Case 69: What Ails Chest Imaging Training?

It helps to follow the first principles of interpretation

Bhavin Jankharia

This is a 60-years old man who was referred for a CT guided biopsy of a left upper lobe lung mass, that turned out not to be so. The reporting person had not bothered to look at the plain scan and to check for calcification / enhancement, etc.

This is one of the first principles of CT scan interpretation. Look at the plain scan to check for calcification and enhancement.

The video runs through the case, other similar cases, discusses the first principles of interpretation and the results of the recent AI paper on diagnosing active TB with respect to the performance of India-based radiologists compared to AI and US-based radiologists.

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Technical and Practice Issues * Case 11: 62-years old misdiagnosed to have interstitial lung disease - mid-inspiratory and expiratory scans * Snippet 03: Radiation risk and CT chest * Case 23: 60-years old - 40-pack years smoker - right upper lobe nodule - resolved using “mean” reconstructions…

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