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Case 76: A Small, Solitary Nodule Adjacent to a Fissure Members Public

Small solitary nodules adjacent to fissures have a specific methodology for diagnosis

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Lung Nodule

Lecture 05: Airways Diseases Members Public

Airway diseases comprise those of central airways, bronchiectasis and small airways

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Airway Disease

Case 75: Asthma and Bronchiectasis Members Public

A combination of asthma, bronchiectasis and high-attenuation mucus plugs is highly suggestive of this entity.

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Case 74: Multifocal / Diffuse Pleural Disease Members Public

Multifocal / diffuse pleural masses have a short differential diagnosis

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Approach to Small Diffuse Lung Nodules - Lecture Members Public

A flow-chart for small diffuse lung nodules

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Case 73: Hemoptysis due to an Extra-Thoracic Cause Members Public

Hemoptysis can be due to multiple causes including extra-thoracic disease.

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Case 72: Lung Fibrosis and Altered Skin Color Members Public

Lung fibrosis with altered skin color

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Tuberculosis vs Sarcoidosis - Lecture Members Public

It is possible in many instances to differentiate between tuberculosis and sarcoidosis

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