A growing lung lesion should be of concern

Case 78: Slow Growing Lung Lesion with a Mediastinal Component

A growing lung lesion should be of concern

Bhavin Jankharia

This 24-years old presented with a mediastinal lesion involving the lung in Oct 2018. He was empirically treated with anti-tuberculous drugs. He improved a bit, but then again had fever and cough, for which he had a CT scan in March 2020.

Thoughts? What would you do?

The video discusses the case, the approach, the diagnosis and more examples of this condition.

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Index and Table of Contents

Index and Table of Contents
Technical and Practice Issues * Case 11: 62-years old misdiagnosed to have interstitial lung disease - mid-inspiratory and expiratory scans * Snippet 03: Radiation risk and CT chest * Case 23: 60-years old - 40-pack years smoker - right upper lobe nodule - resolved using “mean” reconstructions…

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